Flutter-the new Preference in Tech Town

How flutter is a go-to choice for startups to giants companies

After a year of working with Flutter Framework, I decided to sum up my journey with Flutter and how it is so essential for tech industries to grasp this technology and make perfect use of it. This whole discussion will pitch all those factors that one can inspect before starting out or before taking the initiative of new technology for a software project, to begin with. Here you go!

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What is Flutter?

Flutter is a cross-platform open-source software development kit backed and founded by Google which means it is not an easy quitter in the tech race but yet it aims for continuity in many aspects and has been actively improving with all terms since the day it is founded i.e. May 2017.

Using the term cross-platform, explained that it targets and use to develop applications, websites, and desktop software from a single codebase. Although for production release it is currently taking high in Mobile Applications only (android and iOS both), but soon it will touch all corners for sure.

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So far so enough to give introductory details of Flutter, let’s see what it has to appeal in the market.

Appealing Factors:

Here define all factors which companies look into it to and will find out satisfactory results for Flutter SDK.

1. Single Codebase — Time Optimization

While looking into project requirements and scope documentation, one has to pick the right technology which not only fulfills client requirement but also cause optimal cost, effort and time ratio to client and company to end up in happy terms which are Cost Approved and Project to kick off.

In native development, a software development team has to compose of at least 4 developers each of 2 platforms i.e. android and iOS. This count also increases up the cost and time volume and hence conclude in a long-lasting time for development to complete.

Flutter, on the other hand, provides leverage of a single codebase concept that uses only one code to build an application for both platforms. In this way, time to develop an application is minimized as compare to the native scenario and also optimize software development flow. Now it will take only a minimal number of developers to work on Flutter for project phases.

2. Fast & Optimal Performance

Developing and managing a software application is not a one night job, it requires skills and nuts to go through all ups and downs during software development. The client wants scope to fulfill along with the quick and fast performance of the application. Fortunately, Flutter has those features in terms of performance to achieve that niche too.

All thanks to the Google Flutter team that deeply analyze such needs and come up with its rendering engine. Yes, you read it right, Flutter uses its own rendering mechanism to draw every layer, layouts, and widgets (buttons, text, icons, etc.) to the device-specific canvas which results in fast and optimal performance for both platforms. Also, Flutter provides performance profiling tools that help the developers’ community to inspect performance glitches and resolve them to the best.

Notice here, one might think of react native which is a regular comparison for the tech community with Flutter but if I start to detail this comparison, maybe the blog roads to another direction. So let’s jump to the next factor.

3. Security Measures

Mobile Application development is high pitch work these days, applications are being developed with respect to all domains and channels i.e. bank, e-commerce, medical, etc. Security is the topmost key element when working on such a mentioned domain. When developing an application, a security cycle must to practice and ensure before the production release. Flutter is a champ in this region as well. It provides all industry-standard practices for security to implement inside the application. Briefly describes:

a. Jailbroken and Rooted Devices Restriction

It is a term used in iOS (Jailbroken) and android (Rooted) devices that bypass the restriction and takes the privilege of user mobile confident directories and data.

Flutter has provided plugins to detect Jailbroken and Rooted Devices and takes appropriate action upon confirmation.

b. Data Storage

In order to avoid misuse of user data, it is highly required to store only user insensitive data inside local storage of the mobile device and later clear upon defined scope.

Flutter has provided a plugin to store data on the device via using platforms specific native storage manager with maintaining the best secure and safe way.

c. Application Screenshot & Task Switcher Restriction:

In order to avoid data compromise, iOS and android have indeed provided a security flag to restrict a user from taking a screenshot and retrieving sensitive information while the user is switching the application window into some other task.

Flutter has not given any plugin to provide such security measures but it can be achieved via using platform-specific code, hence Flutter marks its check here as well.

d. Obfuscate Application Code:

Code Obfuscation is the process of modifying an app’s binary to make it harder for humans to understand. Obfuscation hides function and class names in your code, making it difficult for an attacker to reverse engineer your proprietary app.

Code Obfuscation can be done via using the Flutter command panel or it can also be achieved by using a 3rd party tool.

4. Developer Community Graph Talk

In this section, I’ll try to explain the popularity and growth of Flutter among the developer community. It has to discuss react-native whenever Flutter talks to begin, well the popularity of Flutter in Github Stars till today is far more than react native and as being a developer myself, I observed that Flutter has more ease and flexibility in some particular factors than react native. Although it is debatable one can find more dev-geek luxuries with Flutter SDK.

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5. Who is using Flutter?

Companies all around the world have started using Flutter to bake their applications and has been launched to their consumers. This shows how popular, effective and highly competent Flutter is to pick and prefer in the tech market and make full use of it.

Source — https://flutter.dev/showcase


Via considering such above-defined factors one can prefer Flutter to take an initiate with. As Flutter is skyrocketing these days and has been significantly improving in all consider factor one can ask or think of. In the last, I can say that ‘Flutter is worth trying’.

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